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Affordable Gigabit Fiber for Everyone

Swyft Fiber is building fiber to 60,000+ homes currently unserved by reliable high-speed Internet. While some providers believe that their 100 Mbps connection is great, we know that satellite customers experience interruptions, data caps, and slow upload speeds.

With education moving online, employees working from home, medical services delivered via telemedicine, and entertainment increasingly streamed over the Internet, old broadband solutions can't meet the needs of today's customers.  That's why Swyft Fiber is bringing 1000 Mbps gigabit fiber service to the home. 

What is Swyft Fiber?

Swyft Fiber is a 100% fiber to the home Internet provider.  We are dedicated to meeting the needs of small towns and rural areas.

Why choose Swyft Fiber?

  • Our focus is on small town and rural service.
  • Our network is 100% fiber--we don't utilize wireless backhauls.
  • Fiber networks are fast and reliable. Say goodbye to satellite interruptions and buffering.

There are a lot of benefits that come with switching to Swyft Fiber, so be ready to:

  • Take down that wireless antenna outside your house.
  • Save money by cancelling your oversized cell phone data plan.
  • Download as much as you want, without limits. 
  • Stream movies, game, and browse the internet on multiple devices at the same time.