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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for service?

Enter your address in the form above and complete the process. If you trouble to complete the process contact one of our customer service representatives during normal business hours at 833-467-9938 and they assist you in signing up.

What are Swyft Fiber business hours?

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 except Holidays.

What are Swyft Fiber Office Locations?

Corporate Headquarters
Swyft Fiber
P.O. Box 620
Milan, TN 38358

Swyft Fiber Clinton
33 Bone St.
P.O. Box 1759
Clinton, AR 72031

Swyft Fiber Crossett
119 Pine St.
Crossett, AR 71635

Swyft Fiber Greenbrier
290 S. Broadview
Greenbrier, AR 72058

My service is down how do I reach Technical Support?

First, turn the power off to all the computer, routers, and switches, then Turn them back on waiting 2 mins between each one starting with the Swyft Fiber modem the device connected to it and work your want to your computer. Then if that does not work call Technical support at  833.467.9938. 

If you find that you have to reset Swyft Fiber equipment more than a few times a year please contact technical support to advise them. This equipment is designed to run for a very long time without restarting. You may have bad Swyft Fiber equipment or you may have an issue with the equipment you own inside your home. We here at Swyft Fiber want to rule out the Swyft Fiber equipment issues as quickly as possible. If it is determined that it is not Swyft Fiber equipment causing the issues this allows you to seek resolution with an IT solution vendor in your area to address any issues that may be going on with your equipment.

What if I made a payment and it has cleared my bank but it isn’t showing on my balance?

Send us proof showing the date the check/card went through your account the amount on it to customerservice@swyftfiber.com or fax to 731-613-9851

How do I set up auto-draft payments?

On the back of your bill, there is an area you can fill out with your information and mail in.

How can I add someone to my Swyft Fiber account so that they are allowed to make changes to my services without me?

Just give our friendly call center a call at 833.467.9938 and let them know you want to add someone, the account holder will need to be the one to call in order to add people to your account. We will need the person's name and email address to add them to the account.  Once added to the account they will have all the same privileges to add and remove services as the primary account holder, however, the primary account holder will remain responsible for all changes regardless of which authorized uses request the changes.

Why do I have a convenience fee of $2.95 charged on my bill?

The fee is what we charge for processing a card payment. However, If you have a savings or checking account you can use that instead and not be charged the fee.