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Affordable Gigabit Fiber for Everyone

Swyft Fiber is building fiber to 60,000+ homes currently unserved by reliable high-speed Internet. While some providers believe that 100Mbs is great, we here at Swyft Fiber believe it is not enough. With children studying online, parents working from home,  families visiting the doctor online via telemedicine. At the same time Entertainment programming is moving from satellite and cable to streaming services, which allows you, the user, to choose what programs you want to see, 100Mbs service just cannot keep up.  That is why Swyft Fiber brings you Gigabit Fiber service 1000Mbs service to your home. Try us it just works!!

Swyft Fiber...

What is Swyft Fiber?

Swyft Fiber is 100% fiber to the home Internet provider.  We are dedicated to meeting the challenges and needs of the small town and rural areas of America.

Why choose Swyft Fiber?

  • Focus is a small town and rural service
  • 100% Fiber Network (no wireless backhauls)
  • It is Fast (1000Mbps)
  • It is Here Now!!!

What would I gain if I choose Swyft Fiber? 

Possibly a lot, so be ready.

  • A fast, reliable cable modem that works all the time.
  • You'll save money by getting rid of your oversized cell phone data plan that slows down after you stream a couple of Netflix movies 
  • You'll never have to worry about a data plan with download limits again.
  • Your family and friends can stream, surf, and game all at once. 
  • There will be no need to waiting for someone else to finish doing something on the Internet so you can stream or play a game without buffering.
  • You can finally remove that wireless antenna outside your home.